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Drawing Machine Major auxiliary equipment

SW600 Descaling machines:

Type Range
Nominal diameter of the descaling reel ø600mm
Speed of the descaling reel 80rpm
Linear speed of descaling 150m/min
Max. diameter of the wire rod ø8mm

Fz Pointing machine:        Tip-rolling machine:

Type Pointing Range
Fz-3 ø3-0.84mm
Fz-6 ø6.5-1mm
Fz-10 ø10-3mm
Fz-16 ø16-3mm

UN Butt-welding machine

Type Weld Range Power
UN-3 Copper ø0.8-ø2 Steel ø0.8-ø3 5kw
UN-5 Copper ø0.8-ø3 Steel ø1-ø4 5kw
UN-10 Copper ø4 Steel ø2-ø6.5 10kw
UN-15 Copper ø6 Steel ø4-ø10 15kw
UN-40 Copper ø8 Steel ø10-ø20 40kw

Discharging machine:

Name Unit hoist 500kg hoist 350kg
Max hoisting capacity kg 500 350
Lift mm 2650 2500
Lifting Speed m/min 8 6.4
Boom over handing mm 1230 1085
Motor Power kw 2.2 1.1
Total weight kg 600 300

Automatic horizontal wire-collecting machine:

Diameter of fixed-type block 550mm
Discharging material 0b≤80kgf/mm2
Discharging diameter 1.5-2.5mm
Discharging speed Vmax≤500ml/min
Motor 11-15kw
Center height for operation 1300mm
Discharging weight 500kg
Total weight of equipment (approx) 2750kg

Thermo-zinc plating take-up machine:

Number diameter of block 12-24/400-600
Length of take up block 900mm
Diameter of wire to be taken up 4-1.5mm
Take up speed of block 5.5-29.6m/min
Take up weight of block 150-200kg
Center height of the block 450mm
Distance between center of block 900mm
Center height of feed regulating wheel 2000mm
Moter 11-30kw
Total weight of equipment (approx) 12000kg

Well type annealing furnace:

Rated power 90kw
Rated voltage 380V
Phase number 3
Heating area 2
Connecting from YY
Rated temperature 950°C
Stock bin size ø800x1600
Vacant furnace power consumption 18kw
Vacant furnace temperature riising time 3.5弌扮(hours)
Max. load 1100kg
Overall dimensions 2000x2000x2500mm
Weight 4800kg

C-X76 Barbed wire netting machine

Diameter, screen wire 2.5-3mm
Diameter, wire for barbs 2-2.5mm
Barbs'pitch 3,4,5,6 in
Material, screen wire & wire for barbs Low Carbon Steel Wire, Thermo-Plated with Zinc
Total weight 1500kg
Motor power 3kw

Flat wire rolling machine

Type G192 G165
Volume 15 11
Productivity 25 m/min 25 m/min
Max Wire Feed Spec 150 Square mm 60 Square mm