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Nail-making machine is auxiliary equipment
Directions (application):
The water-tank series wire-drawing machine is in wet type to draw low-, mid-, and high-carbon steel wires,as well as non-ferrous. With swift speed, high quality and good reputation, it's the most ideal equipment for steel wires and ropes, galvanized wires, and electric wires manufaturers.

  • 2M6-6 Cutting tool grinder
  • SD-400 Nail Polishing machine
  • Wire-laying frame


Model Units SD-400 SD-600 SD-700 SD-1000 SD-2000
Capacity kg 400 600 700 1000 2000
Motor power kw 3-4 4.5-5.5 5.5-7.5 5.5-7.5 11-15
Overall size mm 1640x900

Note:For special steel wire process machines and other auxiliary equipment, the custom-made service be made to buyer's requirements.
Main Specifications Units BJ23-40 Cap-striking machine
Productivity pcs/min 5x70
Capacity kw 5.5
Motor power kg 3000
Overall dimensions mm 2400x1500x1700
Note:This machines is specially used to make the head part (umbrella-shaped head) of a roofing nail. It features advanced mechanism, easier operation and higher capacity.
Main Specifications Units GS-B Type high-speed thread rolling machine
Thread rolling diameters mm ø2.0-3.1
Working length mm 12.5-90
Productivity pcs/min 600-1000
Total weight kg 1500
Power of motor kw 5.5-7.5
Overall dimensions mm 1420x1220x1450
Note:This machines is specially used to thread the nail shanks in annular & twisted forms.
Model BGD25-1 BGB50-2
Load of roller 20-25kg 100kg
Time control 0-120分钟(min)
Roller Speed 7-9转/分钟(r/min)
Note:This machines is specially used to get roofing nails, concrete nails and gun, etc. electro galvanized.

ZL-A Wire Nail Alignment Packing Feeder
This machines, as a new generation of wire nail packing nuit, is applied to the assistance of nail packing. The wire nails can be trimly packed into cartons, which not only reduces the labour intensity of operators, increases the productivity but lessen the packing volume as well as the cost of packing materials.

ZL-A Wire Nail Alignment Packing Feeder

Model ZL-A
Nail length 60-120mm
Weight 1000kg
Overall dimensions 2000x2000x1800mm

JD100 Automatic Coil Nail Welder
  This coil nail welder is automatic welding equipment. The nail set in the vibrating feeder are aligned in orderly way under vibration. Through a feeding track, it slides into welding wires to form collated nails. After that, the collated nail strip goes through automatic oil dipping and rust proof unit, drying & counter device, and next are rolled into coil nail (in flat or cone forms). The coil nails are cut off according to a set number of nails, and each coil is finally bound with a rubber band and packed into cartons by operators.
  This equipment adopts such high-tech parts as the PLC of Mitsubishi make, Japan and the touch type display of DIGITAL formula, etc., which conduct an automatic test on process flows like lack of raw materials, nail's skip, counting and cutting, etc. These high-tech components cause the whole system to act accurately, reliably and make the product quality steady.

Main Specifications:

Designation Specifications Designation Specifications
Weldng wire For coil nail welding Working power 3 phase AC220V 50-60HZ 10KVA 3phase
Vibrating feeder for nail size nuder d2.1×50 Welding power DC300-350V
Air pressure ≥4kg/cm2 Rated power 8KVA
Cooling water 2Liters/min Max. power 30KVA
Working area 2700x850 Working cycle 7%
Total weight Approx. 1500kgs Welding current 1500A-2000A(secondary side)