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Straight line type wire drawing machine
  With the introduction, assimilation and absorption of the foreign advanced technology and its essence, the straight line type wire drawing machine developed & produced by our factory is kind of wire drawing equipment suitable for drawing the steel wires with higher tensile strength & performance. This kind of machine fits the production of type cords, bead wires, wire for steel ropes, stainless steel wires and CO2 gas shield welding wires, etc. The capstan diameter range of such series varies from 350-900mm, for which the Max. inlet wire size is up to 14mm and the Min. is down to 0.7mm.
  The machine features the functions of Human Computer Interaction (HMI), motor overheat protection, abnormal water pressure protection, length, set length alarm and breakdown display, etc.; The plane double enveloping wormgear / worm and narrow V-shaped combined belts with low noise running are applied to the transmission structure; The capstan cooling employs the integration of narrow seam water cooling with air blowing cooling, to bring on a better cooling effect. The speed adjustment using AC Variable Frequency Inverters and PLC of SIEMENS make is a kind of high-end selection for electrical components, as is characteristic of higher efficiency, easier operation, high automation and wider technical range.

Main Specifications

Item Unit LZ9/900 LZ9/800 LZ9/700 LZ10/560 LZ10/400
Capstan diameter mm 900 800 700 560 400
Passes of drawing pass 9 9 9 10 10
Max. inlet diameter mm ø14-8 ø10-8 ø8-6.5 ø6.5-5.5 ø2.8-2.0
Min. inlet diameter mm ø5-3 ø5-3 ø3-2.5 ø2-1.8 ø1.0-0.8
Speed of drawing m/min 300 3600 480 720 840
Inlet wire tensile strength Mpa <1300 1300 1300 1300 1300
Total compressibility % 87.24-85.94 84.00-85.94 85.94-85.21 90.53-89.29 87.24-84.00
Average compressibility % 20.45-19.58 18.42-19.58 19.58-19.13 21.00-20.02 18.61-16.74
Motor power kw 110-90 90-55 75-55 45-22 15-7.5